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About Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles is the second version in the Piano Tiles game series, and it has been released for two years, attracting so many players worldwide. It also has over 100 million of downloads until now, which means that the game is extremely popular all over the world. It’s suitable for all ages, especially people that are really fond of a music game. Piano Tiles 2 features a bunch of songs for you to play. The gameplay is kind of simple and understandable too. After choosing your favorite song, you can directly start your challenges. Make sure you only tap on the black tiles to play proper beats and increase your score. But if you tap on the white tiles accidentally, your game will come to an end instantly. Hence, Piano Tiles 2 requires your full concentration while you’re playing the music. Any slight mistakes will cause your game to be over. Another thing is that you need to collect yellow music notes as much as you can for more coins, and you can buy diamonds to unlock new songs.

In-game features