Black White Piano Tiles Magic – Relax with Music is a totally awesome Piano Black Tiles Music App game with stunning graphics and a new style promising to entertain the players even more. The game is suitable for all ages, especially the ones who like to play the piano and want to become true pianists. In addition, this Piano Tiles game also features numerous songs, especially K-pop ones! Let’s check it out now!

About Black White Piano Tiles Magic – Relax with Music

It’s so easy to play piano songs in this music app game! All you have to do is to tap the black tiles to play music while trying to elude the white tiles which will stop your game immediately if you touch them. You should tap as fast as possible to beat your tapping speed as well as to earn a high score. While tapping, you will enjoy the classical and pop music titles at the same time. You can freely play solo to practice your skills or challenge your friends and try to beat their score.

Black White Piano Tiles Magic – Relax with Music


  • Wonderful game design and flat graphics.
  • All the piano music soundtracks come with high quality.
  • You can explore a big collection of piano songs.
  • The game playing experience is extremely great and smooth.
  • Unlock more levels with further songs to play.
  • Improved gameplay with special tiles, like long notes and bonus blocks.
  • Multiple daily bonuses to get.
  • Play this Music Tiles App game for free anytime you want and upgrade your reaction speed and musical skill.