How to play:

Use WASD or Arrows to move, RMB to deflect bombs, Space to sprint, 1-4 to purchase upgrades. Hold LMB to charge a bomb, release to throw it.

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About is a Free For All game set on a very large map which is full of rocks and some trees. You will control a special character and your mission is to dominate the leaderboard with the highest score. However, you are playing with multiple enemies around the world. You can use the equipped bombs to attack the adversary or destroy obstacles along the way. These items will drop blue gems which are also called cores. Try to gather as many as possible! They will help you make upgrades active. In other words, you will spend resources on buying enhancements for your stats. When your abilities are improved, you can sprint and get stronger. When you release explosives, you must create a safe distance between you and the target because you can be killed by your explosion. Get ready to take part in the adventure and conquer every dangerous situation now!

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