How to play:

Hold Left Mouse and move it to accelerate and drive the car

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About Car

Car is a free sports game available for all to join. Get in a bumper car and jump into a fun-addicting match along with multiple rivals coming from around the world. Remember to show your driving skill wisely and overtake every opponent to reach the goal area that you want quickly! Controlling your movement speed is an important element when you accept to play Car unblocked. However, you should know when to stop or accelerate so you can increase the winning chance of your own. Similar to a feature of, your vehicle will immediately grow bigger and even stronger after it hits other means and causes damage to them successfully. Note! You must become the ultimate racer and collect the top score if you want to conquer the leader position. It is a battle, not a normal race. Therefore, defending yourself and the item that you drive is also crucial. Good Luck!

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