How to play:

Click to choose units or buildings, drag and drop them.

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About is a great top-down MMO strategy game where you will play as a commander. It is an epic combat that your objective is to destroy the enemy’s troops and castle before they do the same for you.

Enter the green arena and you should observe everything that you are given to understand more about what you will implement. So, your store will contain 8 slots. Each of them includes units or buildings. You can choose any of the available items and drag them to the place that you will drop. Next, your heroes will automatically move and attack the foe or generate more people. You must follow everything occurring in the battle to solve troubles promptly or you can fail. Besides, you are recommended to use upgrade points to make your abilities better. Click the arrow to select the section you want. They are also keys to help you win sooner. Good luck!

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