Don't Tap The White Tile

Don’t Tap The White Tile (also known as a Piano Tile game) is very famous in the Play Store and App Store. The game has been downloaded and played by millions of opponents from around the world. Surely you will get addicted to this music game. It will provide you with tons of great playing-music performances and amazing challenges. Don’ Tap The White Tile already has been played by more than 160 million of players. More than 1,200,000 people have rated the game five stars on the Google Play Store. You can totally start playing the original version without needing the copies.

About Don’t Tap The White Tile game

Don’t Tap The White Tile can be considered as a classic version in the Piano Tiles game series. It only has two basic colors, black and white, with several awesome modes to try, such as classic, arcade, zen, rush, relay, arcade+, shuffle and more. Each mode will give you a fantastic different task, and you’re required to complete them all by performing your excellent skills. There is a rule in the game, which you must keep in mind all the time. You can only touch the black tiles to the music and make sure you won’t miss any of them, or else the game will stop. Your game will be over as well if you accidentally touch the white tiles, which is just like the game title that tells you. When the song begins, the tiles will come down, so you must quickly tap the lowest black ones while dodging the white ones. Concentrate on the game, have a great reaction speed, go further and earn a higher score. You should try your hardest so that you can climb the top rank to beat all other players.

In-game features

  • A lot of interesting game modes for you to choose.
  • There are rankings in the game. You can rank against other friends, but make sure you log in your Facebook or Twitter account.
  • The piano music can be customized.
  • A lot of color selections and multi-color themes for you to choose.
  • All the songs have great rhythms.
  • You can adjust to get a higher resolution screen.
  • Get support from the community, especially your friends on Facebook/Twitter.

New features updated


  • Improved real-time battle for all players to enjoy with fantastic challenges.
  • It consists of fewer ads. The game experience becomes smoother now.


  • Hilarious time-limited game modes are launched occasionally to let players discover more inside of this Piano Tiles game.
  • All game functions are already optimized, and now it becomes smoother to play.

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