Heart Piano Tiles is another wonderful Piano Tiles Mobile App game with colored graphics, stunning effects, nice sounds, and numerous famous piano songs. If you get sick of the casual game, caring game, puzzle game, action game, etc., why don’t you try this one to gain a new gaming experience? The game is completely free to download and surely it won’t let you down!

Heart Piano Tiles Pink

About Heart Piano Tiles

Piano Heart Tiles is all about playing piano songs by tapping the black tiles on the screen while avoiding the white ones. You need to select a song before starting to play the music! Make sure that you won’t miss any black tiles, or else the music will be stopped. Try to earn points to unlock more songs!

Heart Piano Tiles Pink

In-game levels

  • Classic Piano Pink: In this classic mode, you must tap the number of tiles in the least amount of time possible and try to complete it as fast as possible.
  • Arcade Piano Heart: In this Arcade mode, you have to tap on the black tiles and try not to miss any black tiles.
  • Top level: In this level, your mission is to tap as fast as you can in the restricted time period.

Game Features

  • There are numerous sound collections for you to explore.
  • The game features multiple colors.
  • The in-game sounds become much more awesome.