If you are a loyal lover of Piano Tiles App game, you should make sure that you also check out one called Magic Cat Piano Tiles – Pet Pianist Tap Animal! The game surely tickles your fingers a lot, so have them ready for the musical challenges in this great Music App game now. You will surely earn yourself a brand new experience.

About Magic Cat Piano Tiles – Pet Pianist Tap Animal

Are you ready for the musical challenge in Magic Cat Piano Tiles – Pet Pianist Tap Animal? Just have your fingers ready and start tapping the musical animal tiles to play music! It’s going to be a sparkling and wonderful piano performance. In the game, you must tap the animal tiles as fast as possible to play music, try not to miss any tiles, or else the music will be stopped, and you will have to restart it from a very beginning. You should tap skillfully for a high score then you will be able to unlock more songs.

Magic Cat Piano Tiles – Pet Pianist Tap Animal


  • Amazing HD graphics with cat-themed tiles
  • Fast gameplay with awesome challenges
  • Lots of kinds of animals for your selection, like tabby cat, grumpy cat, Nyan cat, Shiba Inu, golden retriever, husky, doge, etc.
  • Play solo or challenge your friends to beat them all!
  • 100% free to download!

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