Do you believe that your phone becomes a magic piano? With Magic Piano Pink – Music Game 2019 game, you can totally play the piano on your own mobile device. Download this game and install it on your device right now to enjoy a lot of songs! There are multiple songs awaiting you ahead. Come to check them out now!

How to play Magic Piano Pink – Music Game 2019

The game allows you to play many songs that you like! Similar to other Piano Tiles games, the way to play it is to tap on the black tiles that are represented as the piano keys. You must tap them continuously while avoiding tapping on the white tiles, otherwise, the game will stop, and you have to restart it from scratch. Try not to miss any tiles! You have to earn the best scores and unlock special gifts if you obtain 3 crowns.

With Magic Piano Pink – Music Game 2019 game, you are even able to upload your own songs as well as play the best songs in your own music library from the smartphone. Feel free to play it and challenge your friends or even many online players from across the world.

Magic Piano Pink – Music Game 2019


  • With Battle mode, you can compete against many other players online and earn gems from them. Make your own rooms and invite more friends to come to play.
  • All the music soundtracks have high quality and you will explore a broad collection of piano songs.
  • Feel free to upload your custom songs and play them.
  • The game has stunning designs and graphics.
  • More than 10 tiles styles to pick from.
  • Further songs, themes, and other events will be added frequently.
  • Earn check-in reward and lucky spin every day.
  • Every day you can join quests and earn achievements to win many gems and coins.
  • Log in to Facebook account and save the data on many devices.
  • With the leaderboard, you can compare your scores with other online players or your friends.

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