Download Magic Piano Pink Tiles - Music Game
Download Magic Piano Pink Tiles – Music Game

Magic Piano Pink Tiles Music Game free download is a nice magic piano tiles game featuring various songs for you to play. As you know, Piano games have become the best music mobile app games on both Android/iOS. Players can download these games for free to their mobile devices and play them to test their piano-playing skills as well as experience cool features.

About Magic Piano Pink Tiles – Music Game game

If you want to play piano songs but don’t have a real piano to play, Magic Piano Pink Tiles – Music Game is here to help you. Now, your phone is a magic piano where you can touch on black tiles to play your favorite songs. The game features various songs for you to pick and play, from the classic songs to the modern songs. Also, it has a unique feature called Battle Mode that allows you to challenge your Facebook friends or other players around the world. You can compete against them and try to defeat them for free gems.

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Another cool thing about this Magic Piano Pink Tiles – Music Game online is that it allows you to upload the songs in your own music library from your smartphone. You can choose the best songs or your favorite songs to upload then play them!

How to play Magic Piano Pink Tiles – Music Game

The gameplay of Magic Piano Pink Tiles – Music Game is easy, but you have to time your clicks! To play the music, you must tap on the magic tiles continuously while avoiding the white tiles. Make sure you will not miss any black tiles so you can complete the song and get a high score. If you have 3 crowns, you will receive special gifts!

In-game features

  • Battle Mode: You can play with other friends around the world and challenge them! Try to defeat them for free gems. You can make your own room to invite friends to come to play with you.
  • All music soundtracks come with high quality together with a collection of various piano songs from classic to modern, or kid songs, pop, rock, EDM.
  • You can upload your own custom piano songs from your music library then play them.
  • Nice design and graphics.
  • More than 10 piano tile styles to pick from.
  • New songs and themes were added to suit some occasions, like Christmas, Halloween, New Year, etc.
  • Check-in rewards and lucky spin every day.
  • Daily quest and achievements to obtain lots of gems and coins.
  • Easy gameplay to play but hard and challenging to master. It will be a real challenge to tap only the music tile in fast-paced songs.
  • Link to your Facebook account and save data on various devices.
  • A leaderboard to show all the scores of other players or friends.

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Download Now

Download Magic Piano Pink Tiles for free

You can click to download Magic Piano Pink Tiles – Music Game for free then play it on your mobile device! You will experience various piano songs and take this chance to play them all to show your skills!