Looking for a wonderful game about music to master? It’s time to dive into a magical musical world brought to you by Magic Piano Tiles Latin – Favorite Latin Songs! With this awesome Piano Music App game, you will surely be able to demonstrate your excellent musical skills. The game is totally free to download, so let’s get it now on your own mobile device!

About Magic Piano Tiles Latin – Favorite Latin Songs

Magic Piano Tiles Latin – Favorite Latin Songs opens a nice collection of many Latin songs that are well-known in the world. If you are a fan of Brazilian music, you must check this one out! There are many talented singers, songwriters as well as performers playing Latin music. All of them have brought a bit of soul and rhythm to the world.

The gameplay is so simple! All you have to do is to tap the black tiles to keep the music play and try not to miss any black tiles, or if you touch the white tiles, the game will end immediately, making you restart it from the very beginning. The longer you tap and play the music, the higher the score you will earn.

Magic Piano Tiles Latin – Favorite Latin Songs


  • Stunning graphics and perfect music sounds.
  • Explore a wide collection of piano music songs.
  • Get a nice gaming performance without any issues.
  • Gather gems, earn more experiences as well as open brand new levels.
  • 100% free to download.
  • Share the game and results with your friends.

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