Are you ready for another Piano App game called Magic Pink Piano Tiles 2019? It’s 2019 now and it’s time to replace some games on your device with new ones. You can check out this magic Piano game and jump into it for testing your piano-playing skill again. The game is completely free to download, also, it’s suitable for all ages. So give it a shot now!

How to play Magic Pink Piano Tiles 2019

You are not required to have special skills to conquer this Piano game! Just like other previous games, you simply need to prepare your fast fingers, quick reflexes to play the game. When the music begins, you must tap the black tiles appearing on the screen to play it while avoiding the white ones. If you touch the white tiles or miss any black tiles, it will be a game over for you. So play carefully to earn a high score!

Magic Pink Piano Tiles 2019


  • You will play the game with a stunning and beautiful pink background, together with awesome graphics and effects.
  • Earn more coins and unlock further popular piano songs.

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