Magic Tiles 3 online

How to play:

Play Magic Tiles 3 online game for free and get ready to take part in an exciting mission! Try to keep the beat, follow the rhythm while tapping on the right item!

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About Magic Tiles 3 online

Magic Tiles 3 online
It is available and easy to embark on the challenge in the cool Magic Tiles 3 online game! You will have the chance to practice your skill and become the best player. Do not forget to conquer the stage, progress, and unlock every level in the shortest time!

Once you accept to join Magic Tiles 3 online game, you should focus on the target to gain the highest score and dominate the crown. The first music will be Passacaglia. Click the Start button and you can go on. You are forced to tap on the black tiles constantly and until the round ends. Be careful! You will lose immediately in case you interact with the wrong area. Everything will stop and you have to restart later. Each piece that is chosen will bring back one more point. Besides, there are many special objects that you are recommended to hold the mouse longer. Good luck!

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