Have you ever dreamed of becoming a talented pianist that is capable of playing all the piano songs? Now, your dream has come true when Magic Tiles Piano Despacito is finally available on the App Store. The game, besides focusing on the famous worldwide song called Despacito, it also brings you awesome classic piano songs, such as Little Star, Cannon, Jingle Bells, Fur Elise and so forth. Let’s check it out now! 

Magic Tiles Piano Despacito

How to play Magic Tiles Piano Despacito

You don’t need to have any special skills for playing Magic Tiles Piano Despacito. All this game requires you are to have an attentive mind as well as fast fingers. When the music starts, you simply tap on the black tiles to play music while trying to avoid the white ones. Also, make sure you won’t miss any black tiles, or else the music will be stopped, and you will have to restart the game from scratch.

Play Magic Tiles Piano Despacito


  • You will earn more diamonds and coins when finishing your achievements.
  • Get to the top experience of the speed challenge
  • More awesome piano songs, more albums, and songs with different styles added to the game.
  • Feel free to add songs to your favorite list, and enjoy both classical and pop music.
  • Brand new interface, as well as new song lists, added to the game, making it much easier to pick songs now.
  • Play with friends and global players.
  • Master your skills with wonderful stunning effects.
  • Enjoy a new level of sound quality.

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