Music Piano: Glow Tiles

Music Piano: Glow Tiles is one of the best Piano Tiles game that is free for download. You can get it from the store on your mobile devices. The game consists of simple gameplay that is very understandable. Your main mission is to tap on colored tiles while trying to dodge exploiting the while tiles in space. Make sure you focus on tapping them, and won’t miss any tiles, or else your game will be over instantly.

In-game features

  • The game consists of over 1000 notes for you to explore. These notes surely bring you the best sound ever.
  • You are able to type blue, yellow, green and red tiles in this game.
  • Amazing graphical interface (touch the brighter colored tiles)


You should collect more notes, then use them to unlock new songs.

Make sure you listen to the song before and after playing. To do so, you should touch the left earphone icon.

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