How to play:

Press WASD to move, LMB to shoot, RMB to melee attack, B to build.

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About Nightwalkers

Nightwalkers is a creepy top-down tower defense game where you have to defend against hordes of zombies. You are trapped in a village and you can meet up with many people or the undead in the surroundings. Before the reinforcements are sent to rescue you, you must master how to protect your life. Don’t worry! You are able to kill any monster by using your gun. Some of them will leave power-ups or better weapons. Note that the noise will attract more! When the corresponding meter is full, you are recommended to prepare for another more intense battle. You should pick up items and fill up your inventory. Not only that, do not ignore gathering resources, for example, wood pieces. They are materials that allow you to put up a base, barricades, turrets or plenty of powerful gear. If you can stay alive and progress, you will unlock lots of upgrades which help you escape from dangerous cases and improve the winning chance. Good luck!

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