How to play:

Use WASD to move, the mouse to control the turret’s movement, E/R/RMB to select items.

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About is a brand new io game like Diep style. It is free to play online with other characters on a battlefield. Explore the combat your way and take over the leaderboard. It is not easy to prove your power because you are facing tons of strong enemies and a large number of aggressive alien monsters. You need to defend yourself against these creatures as long as possible. Meanwhile, do not ignore collecting food on the path to add more fuel, gain experience, and increase your score which allows you to upgrade your stats. These abilities will locate at the bar on the left-hand side. You should choose them wisely. Besides, keep an eye on the meter and fill up it or you will get troubles. If you want to dominate sooner, you can search for the King or top scorers and defeat them. Additionally, release special weapons if necessary. Good luck!

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