About Piano Pink Tiles 2

Piano Pink Tiles 2 Piano Pink Tiles 2 by Elixir Studios is a nice mobile game with difficult and fast-paced challenges in which you should seize every opportunity to overcome obstacles and collect the best score. After each level, the experience and the point that you obtain will decide whether if you can afford to become the King or not.

Game Stages:

  • Classic piano Pink: In Classic Mode, remember to tap on correct tiles timely.
  • Arcade piano Pink: In Arcade Mode, your mission is to catch black tiles and avoid choosing white tiles. Also, don’t fail to hit any black tile.
  • Zen piano tiles: For Zen Level, it is similar to Classic piano Pink. You need to capture the proper item swiftly in limited time period.


  • Multi-color piano tiles games
  • Multiple sound lists
  • Have more than 120 levels
  • A colorful game
  • Amazing sound

If you have desired to prove your ability and be a pro Piano pianist, you’d better visit the collection right away.

Download Piano Pink Tiles 2

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