There are many Piano games to download and play. With Piano Solo – Magic Dream Tiles Game 4, you will have a brand new world full of beautiful songs as well as a new chance to show off your piano-playing skills. For those who have ever dreamed of being a talented pianist, they can come to find some Piano app games to download, especially the Piano Magic Tiles game series. If you are interested in that series, then this Magic Dream Tiles Game 4 free download is for you.

Download Piano Solo - Magic Dream tiles game 4
Download Piano Solo – Magic Dream tiles game 4

About Piano Solo – Magic Dream Tiles Game 4

Piano Solo – Magic Dream Tiles Game 4 free download is a mobile app game where you play as a pianist playing a lot of classic songs coming in various genres. You can play Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, or other popular classic music on the piano.

How to play Magic Dream Tiles Game 4

Pick a mode you want to master then start the challenge! You have to touch the dark bricks as you attempt to dodge the light bricks. As you play, you will feel classical melody through the piano keys and take this chance to enjoy the sweet melody you are playing! You are recommended to use headphones or earbuds when playing Piano Solo – Magic Dream Tiles Game 4!

In-game features

  • Exclusive Unique Online Battle Mode: You can take on challenges with over 10 million players playing against each other in the world. Challenge them to crazy piano matches and try to beat them all with the best points and you will have your name in the high-ranking list.
  • Piano Solo features great piano music, which makes it one of the best Piano games to play with your friends on mobile devices. Feel free to enjoy your favorite piano songs as well as challenge your friends or other players to piano matches to show off your excellent piano-playing skills.
  • More than 200 classic songs for you to experience! All the songs in Piano Solo will be frequently updated. Explore different classic songs by Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, Schubert, and Tchaikovsky.
  • Outstanding and wonderful piano melody! Through every single touch on the black tiles, you will play the melody. The gameplay may sound simple to you, but it will not be easy to master, especially when your goal is to become the top-ranked piano player. You will find it very hard to touch all the black tiles in a fast-paced performance, especially in Dual mode.
  • Feel free to send your request on your favorite piano songs to the publisher. The publisher will consider, find the songs then send them to you as quickly as possible.
  • With amazing graphic design, you will have a feeling of playing on a real piano with a luxury look. This feature has captured the hearts of many piano music lovers!
  • The game performance is smooth! Also, the gameplay is easy to understand, and it doesn’t take much capacity when downloaded to your device.

Piano Solo – Magic Dream tiles game 4 APK

No more waiting! If you are a fan of Piano app games, make sure you download Piano Solo – Magic Dream Tiles Game 4 for free to your mobile device then jump into the world of piano songs to master your piano-playing skills!