Piano Tap: Tiles Melody Magic
Piano Tap: Tiles Melody Magic

Piano Tap: Tiles Melody Magic is one of the best Piano Tiles mobile games free download. If you want to become a true pianist, then Piano Tap: Tiles Melody Magic game is for you. When it comes to music app games, Piano Tiles should be mentioned as it has various editions, and this title is one of them. You can download this music app game for free then play a lot of piano songs!

About Piano Tap: Tiles Melody Magic free download

Piano Tap: Tiles Melody Magic free download is one of the hottest trending piano games free to download and play on mobile devices. Through this great piano game, you have a chance to become a real pianist. The title features the latest cool melody on Piano, Ukulele, Kalimba, Guitar, Guzheng, etc.

You need to select a song that you want to play then start the challenge. The gameplay of Piano Tap: Tiles Melody Magic is nothing much different from the classic Piano Tiles. All you need to do is to tap the black tiles to play the song while trying to avoid the white tiles. If you touch the white tiles or miss any black tiles, the music will be stopped, and the game will be over. So, try to time your action, conquer all challenges and become the best piano player!

In-game features and characteristics

  • All nice features with tiles mode that help you practice Piano easily.
  • Complete keyboard piano tiles to play.
  • Various keyboard instruments are supported in the game, including Piano, Grand Piano, Tube Organ, Harpsichord, Accordion, Electric Guitar, Harp, Cello Pizzicato, Guzheng, Guitar, Plucked String, Music Box, Sitar, Xylophone, Harp, Vibes, Clarinet , Ukulele, Brass, Thai Bell, Tabbla, Dizi, Banjo, Flute, Saxophone, Cellto, Hamonica, Trumpet, violin, Panpipe, Maracas, Tuba, Dulcimer, Kalimba, etc.
  • Various game modes to pick and play, including Easier: Piano Tiles mode, Piano keyboard, endless mode, etc.
  • A complete piano keyboard with various features making your gameplay more interesting
  • Various songs for you to practice and play
  • Link your game account to your social networks to save your game progress and Piano achievements.
  • Global Piano Charts showing all the rankings of players around the world.

Download Piano Tap: Tiles Melody Magic for free

Piano Tap: Tiles Melody Magic is a mobile piano app game you can download for free and play on your mobile device. You can play and immerse in sweet melodies through various nice songs and take this chance to prove your piano-playing skills!

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