Piano Tiles 2 online

How to play:

Use the mouse or press keys ASDF to tap on the black tiles in the game.

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About Piano Tiles 2 online

Perform your piano-playing skill by joining a great and addictive game called Piano Tiles 2 online. This is the second chapter in Piano Tiles game series. There are five modes for you to select, including Classic, Arcade, Zed, Rush, and Relay. Choose your favorite one then you can begin your challenges. The in-game rules are very easy to understand. You will see two tiles with two different colors, black and white. You need to tap on the black tiles while trying to dodge tapping on the white ones. All of the tiles will fall down from above, and you need to tap the lowest black tile first. Make sure that you won’t miss any tiles. If you accidentally tap on the white tiles, your game will be over instantly. The game also tests your reaction speed, so make sure you focus on it. If you go further, you will earn a higher score. Enjoy Piano Tiles 2 now!

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