A fan of Piano App games won’t want to miss out a chance to play Piano Tiles 3! You will surely get entertained and earn a fresh gaming experience with this third chapter in the Piano Tiles series. Get your fingers ready to play the music as well as show off your skills!

About Piano Tiles 3

Piano Tiles 3 is an awesome and addictive game that surely gives your brain a workout. You will have hours of fun by playing and turn yourself into the best pianist. All you have to do is to tap the black tiles to play the music as you attempt to elude the white tiles. These tiles will come down very fast, so you need to use your reflexes and a fast reaction to tap them. In case you tap the white tiles, the game will be over instantly, so play carefully!

How to play

  • Simply press the black tiles to continue to play the music
  • Attempt to avoid touching the white tiles
  • Do not miss any piano black tiles to complete every song.

Piano Tiles 3

In-game features

  • Amazing graphics and nice effects
  • A wide collection of songs for you to pick
  • Play it for free anytime you can
  • Share the results via your Facebook account
  • Earn a lot of awesome bonuses

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