How to play:

Use the mouse to move, RMB to dash, C to cooldown reset, P to be a ghost, G to grow, S to shrink, Q/W/E/R to choose skills.

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About is a fun strategy game where you can play with lots of strangers, experience tons of levels, use power-ups, and other amazing skills your way. The mission is to dominate the top spot by defeating all of the enemies and collecting the highest score.

Move around the playfield and catch weaker opponents to increase your points. Remember to pick up orb lights and circled letters! Try to dash and run away from predators or chase the target! Or, you can turn on the phantom mode to kite rivals chasing you. If you make somebody disappear, you will loot his progress. In some cases, you are allowed to grow or shrink in size. Once you survive, you can improve the winning ability. Are you ready to join together with multiple antagonists and conquer the racing? You’d better master rules of the Rock Paper Scissors before you embark on the match. Good luck!

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