Smash Karts

How to play:

Tap WASD or Arrows to drive the kart, Spacebar to release rockets

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About Smash Karts

Smash Karts is an interesting free-for-all shooter io game dropped into a place that looks like a normal racing track. Actually, it will quickly turn into a fierce arena with the presence of numerous opponents. Play the new competition online like a cute character and drive a kart. It is the best item that you should control skillfully if you want to reach the finish line and become the champion. Meanwhile, the winner in the future is also required to survive. Aside from getting to the end, everybody in Smash Karts unblocked must defend their means always. Speed will not be the only key to defeat the challenger. In fact, launching rockets will allow you to overtake them easier. Make big explosions of your own and remember to stay away from the ones caused by somebody nearby for survival! Otherwise, you cannot take over the championship. Besides, collect power-ups to get stronger! Good luck!

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