How to play:

Press Spacebar to boost speed.

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About is a fun-addicting fast-paced strategy game. You and everybody will be moved to an arena in which you need to control your character and your stick skillfully. Additionally, you should defeat your enemies if you want to dominate the leaderboard. Actually, you are able to finish off somebody along the way with only one smash from the weapon that you have. Watch out! You can be killed by the same hit. Therefore, you are advised to pay attention to every strange movement in the surroundings to escape deadly attacks and survive. In, you are recommended to collect food pieces on the ground in order to increase the size of your gear. When it grows longer and bigger, you can reach whatever easier. So, you can defend your life better. With the gems that you loot by eliminating your rivals, you can purchase outfits and avatars in the shop. Good luck!

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