Do you know that Taylor Piano Tiles Pink 2019 Music, Games & Magic is one of the most downloaded Piano App games on Android devices? If you are curious about this edition of Piano Tiles series, then feel free to explore it now on your mobile phone to experience wonderful features. Especially, if you are also a fan of Taylor Swift, then you shouldn’t skip this game. You will have a chance to discover numerous hit songs by Taylor Swift!

About Taylor Piano Tiles Pink 2019 Music, Games & Magic

This Piano Tiles game is designed for 2019 featuring numerous famous songs by Taylor Swift. You will enjoy the piano tiles with a cute pinky background, making the game more engaging to play. Like the previous Piano Tiles games, in this one, you also pick your favorite song then jump into the action. You have to tap on the black piano tiles to play the music as you try to elude the white tiles. The white tiles will make your game end if you touch them. So be careful when playing! Try your best to tap as fast as possible for a nice score!

Taylor Piano Tiles Pink 2019 Music, Games & Magic


  • Wonderful and extremely stunning themes
  • Nice design and graphics
  • Awesome piano game modes to explore
  • Easy to play but hard to master
  • More than 800 hottest songs by lots of game genre, like Kids, Popular US-UK, Holiday, Traditional, etc.
  • Weekly chart of the most preferred songs.
  • Gather items to open more favorite songs.
  • Reach the top of the leaderboard to beat your friends and many other players across the world.
  • You can save your favorite songs.
  • Feel free to play with Internet.
  • Smooth gaming experience you will have!