How to play:

Use the mouse to build structures.

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About YORG.io

YORG.io is an interesting online multiplayer tower defense game made by Tobias Springer with a cool management and a fun gameplay. Your mission in the new adventure is to survive as long as possible. You need to defend yourself and your construction against waves of wicked and aggressive zombies along with other opponents. If you’d like to set up defensive buildings or expand your base, you do not ignore putting up extractors which allow you to gather much more raw materials. After you create them, you should connect those objects together to generate a network of resource centers which are really useful to keep the flow of income stable. When you own the steady stream, you can begin to put down walls to protect your structure from enemies, for example, cannons or arrow towers. Keep in mind that upgrades must be unlocked constantly! Let’s play and dominate your way! Good luck!

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