How to play:

Use the mouse to move, LMB to speed up, Space to reserve.

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[php snippet=3] is a classic strategy game which is free for you to play online with multiple dangerous and big rivals. Control a very small snake and eat as much as possible to become the longest creature on the map! It is also possible to join with your friends instead of roaming around the new map alone. Share the server link with the ones that you expect to enjoy together. Next, enter the large arena and find food pieces scattered across the playfield. Consume them to grow longer and bigger. Aside from that, you can advance faster when you absorb the tail of other characters by attacking the weakest parts of their body, which are equal to your size. Be careful! Somebody will do the same for you at the time you are hunting your prey. Do not face anybody who is larger than you or you can be eaten quickly! You can speed up to run away from these predators. Have fun!

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