How to play:

Use LMB to attack, Space to run away.

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About Junglz.io

Junglz.io is a great Free For All Io game that you need to act wisely before you defeat every enemy and become the top player. It’s time to take part in the new challenge along with multiple opponents around the world and rule the leaderboard! Your adventure is started since you has been trapped in a dangerous and strange jungle together with other aggressive people. You must survive as long as possible. In Junglz.io, you can collect food pieces scattered across the map. What you consume will help your weapon grow quickly. But, you should master how to swing your tool. Remember to smash goons on the path before they cause damage to you! If you cannot deal with the onslaught of somebody, you’d better dash and run away from him. While you are roaming, do not forget to avoid venomous plants around you. They can hurt you. Good luck!

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