How to play:

Press WASD or Arrows to move, LMB to use weapons, 1-3 to switch weapons, RMB to dash, Space to jump.

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[php snippet=3] is a Free For All 2d shooter game. Check out another challenge based on Diep style and become the best master! Play as a ninja and your favorite will be the sushi for sure. Don’t worry if you are hungry! It is easy to find and eat food! They will grant XP and increase your endurance. Be careful! You should not use up your stamina or you can die. You will gradually grow bigger and stronger. If you want to gain much more experience in the short time, do not forget to hunt down rivals. In case you are not able to defeat them, you’d better dash to run away. Aside from moving in the usual way, you can jump over obstacles easily. Try to survive and level up your belt! Additionally, unlock upgrades for your stats and seek more weapons to add to your inventory. You can choose anything during your battle. Good luck!

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